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symbolic satellite image of the city of Zurich

Information about your current location and your surroundings.

UmMiUme is a concept for local information.
It consists of a platform which collects, harmonises, and delivers facts.
An example client displays actual data about your current location.
The project is in a prototype stage.


Any information tied to a particularly location or area can be part of UmMiUme. Currently the themes cover “channels” form various themes, like infrastructure and transportation, geography and earth science, weather and climate, culture and recreation, emergency, astronomy etc.

The actual coverage depends on local coverage from appropriate sources. This can be worldwide, nationwide, regional or even local.

Online Maps

In addition, UmMiUme includes a growing directory of online map sites or geoportals. In the best case, the map linked can be called up immediately for a specific coordinate.


As a first attempt to create an interface to all the locational information there is a web app, where you can explore your current location or any place on the world.


The platform is a collection of the available “channels“. Each channel is a GeoRSS-like feed which delivers an amount of “items” for a specific geographical location.

This backend reads different information sources, e.g. APIs, text file in various formats as GeoJSON, CSV, web pages etc.. The result are harmonised feeds.

In the case of complex extraction processes and a reasonable amount of data, whole channels were cached on the platform.

List of channels

Information Providers

The key point is the availability of a wide range of information services at any spatial level. In this early moment, the focus is on Zürich and Switzerland, but there are no spatial restrictions.

If you have ideas for new channels or if you want to suggest new links to map sites, feel free to contact me.

Further Development

The current tech stack is LAMP (MariaDB, PHP), the front-end is done with VueJS. For technical details – specially if you are considering to provide your own feed – view the documentation.

JSON from the API as example

Feedback Welcome

This project is at the moment something like an advanced idea.
Any feedback is appreciated. Also if you want to contribute or have ideas, please contact me.