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Starting Page


Analyzed location: Latitude / Longitude / Altitude. Usually the current GPS position of the device. OR: A location set by clicking on one of the app’s maps (on the home page, on the results page, or on the “My Location” page – via the settings menu on the right side).

To get an address a reverse geocoding is done with the current coordinates using an API.

Favourited Channel Results

Instant information about the “favorite channels“, usually the titles of the closest items of a channel.

Depending on whether you are at home or on the way, you may be interested in other channels, hence the two tabs. Example: at home you may be interested in the announced construction projects or the recycling plan, while on the road you may be interested in the sights (Wikipedia). The “Channels” tab at the bottom allows you to find other topics that you can favorite if you wish (click on the star).
The third tab contains a map of the location.

Some Channels

First you find a group of popular channels, below newly added channels.

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