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covered: only channels where information is available for specific location.

The same information for a specific channel:

An array of all available channels with meta informations. For each channel the following elements:

This content is not yet stable, the most important items are

  • ID, linkintern
  • title, subtitle, description, keywords, category
  • coverage, box
  • lastBuildDate, cacheable
  • maxitems, more (number of items displayed, possibility to get more items)
  • count, new (sorting, news)


ch: channel number

As a result of a query to a specific channel:

The service is a compact variant of the GeoRSS protocol – but in JSON. The description field may contain html tags. Additional fields are:

  • dist (distance, not required, it can also be calculated on client side)
  • eventfrom, eventto (not required): timestamps defining the a validity of an item (here the duration of an exhibition)

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